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"I worked closely with Kevin as we scaled Lemon Perfect from incorporation to $50M in revenue and think very highly of his work. Simply put, Kevin’s intelligence, technical experience, attention to detail, and work ethic were invaluable in our raising over $80M in venture capital and signing complex commercial contracts."

- Yanni Hufnagel, CEO, The Lemon Perfect Company  


"Kevin was a peer to me in the running of a $220M Internet company with 40% compounded annual growth. We had to develop and excute dozens of business and technology contracts every year, ranging from very simple to very complex. In all of these tasks, Kevin was an excellent partner and in fact the best corporate attorney I have ever worked with. He is responsive, thorough and insightful."

- Dean Denhart, former CEO, BlackArrow, Inc.,
former CTO, Knight Ridder Digital

"Kevin is a terrific lawyer and business partner. He was extremely responsive and professional in all his dealings with the various "customers" of our company. I very much appreciated his support and guidance."
- Tracy Martin, former CFO, BlackArrow, Inc.,
former CFO, Knight Ridder Digital
"I worked closely with Kevin for several years. He was a great lawyer, partner and advisor. Kevin's ability to appreciate and understand the business complexities, technical details and legal issues made him an excellent GC as well as an important voice in all our strategic discussions."
- Alex Galvagni, CEO, Age of Learning,
SVP and CTO, Glu Mobile Inc.
"Kevin and I worked closely together at Glu and I highly recommend him. He has the essence of what you are looking for in a great GC: strong understanding of multiple areas of law combined with business acumen and strategy. Kevin applied this expertise very well in helping problem solve as well drive business development deals to a close."
- Jill Braff, Vice President, Head of Bethesda/ZeniMax & Casual Suite Studios, Microsoft
and former 
SVP, Global Publishing, Glu Mobile Inc.
"Kevin is simply a great counsel. Kevin has combined intellect, practicality, and pleasant demeanor into the same legal body. For business guys like me, that's invaluable as we work through difficult partner's frustrating to have to manage your own counsel, but in Kevin's case it just isn't needed. He gets the situation and know how to resolve to everyone's satisfaction. Awesome!"
- Jeff Lulenski, Global VP, Business Development, hibu
and former 
Senior Director, Business Development, Knight Ridder Digital
"I have known Kevin for a dozen years, both as a corporate securities attorney at Fenwick & West and as general counsel in various positions. He is intelligent and motivated, business-oriented, well-informed and good to work with. He is tech-savvy and experienced working in both large and small organizations. I recommend him without reservation."
- Horace Nash, Former Corporate Partner and Co-Chair, Securities Group, Fenwick & West LLP
"Kevin is an approachable, insightful and dedicated lawyer, and he is a supportive manager. He dispenses practical guidance with tact and always while supporting the interests of his client-company's business at heart. Kevin's experience and comprehension of the inter-connections between business and legal issues are only two of the qualities that make Kevin a strong leader."
- Andrea Soria, Vice President Legal, Tonal,
and former Associate General Counsel, Glu Mobile Inc.
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